• Jul-01-2022
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The Toronto International Dance Festival is now accepting applications for the 2022 outdoor | virtual

event . The 9th edition of this festival is focussed on supporting the practice and visibility of

diverse Canadian dance companies, choreographers and dance artists. As the roadmap to

reopening venues is unclear, the festival is putting an open call for new and original works

creatively captured for a virtual presentation.

All artists who work with movement and performance are invited to apply. All genres, forms,

modalities, and varieties of dance, movement, and performance will be considered. This

application is open to creators with experience. Priority will be given to artists of colour, artists

living with disabilities, new generation artists (18-30), new Canadian (immigrant) artists, and

artists from varying geographic locations.

If live in person program is not possible, the final presentation format will be a LIVE STREAM of pre-recorded performances at The event is FREE for the public and will also be streamed on other social

media platforms in the following dates:

July 1- 3, 2022 


TIDF recognizes the limitations posed by the COVID-19 restrictions and understands that not all

dance forms are easily adaptable for the camera. Nevertheless, the festival encourages you be

bold and creative in your execution.

Proposed works can be 5 to 20 minutes in length. A jury of previous presenters at TIDF will be

assessing all applications. Successful applicants will receive an honorarium based on their production cost,

number of dancers, quality and professionalism.

Submission with photos and videos -

Deadline:  June 30, 2022

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TIDF 2021: INCLUSIVE DANCE WORKSHOPS by Indepen-dance development Company UK


  • Dec-12-2021
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TIDF will be offering FREE online dance and movement workshops led by professional dance choreographers and instructors during TIDF 2021.

Come join us and feel the rhythm!

Next Date: 12 December, 2021

Inclusive Dance Workshop : by Indepen-dance development Company UK.  Indepen-dance is a Glasgow based inclusive dance development company, offering an inclusive dance workshop online facilitated by their inclusive dance team.  The creative movement workshop will be held on Zoom and last around up to a maximum of 30 mins. The workshop will be accessible for all ages and abilities.

Duration: 30 Mins

Those who REGISTER here will get a certificate of completion.It's FREE!

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  • Dec-12-2021
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The  Fourth day of the TIDF 2021 will be held on 12th December 2021 @ 7pm LIVE via YouTube | Facebook ONLINE. 

The main performers of the Day 4 are: 

  • Ariya Dance Collective

Abendrot II: This piece is the 2nd in what Ariya Dance Collective hopes to become a 4 part series. Abendrot II is a film that explores the stunning landscapes of Manitoba during the summer months. The idea of reclaiming the land and everything creator has gifted us was brought to life through the vision of Métis director Sara St. Godard in conjunction with poet Victoria McMahon, dancer Ally Poulson and videographer Jesse Vanderhart. Visual, olfactory, gustatory, kinaesthetic and auditory imagery specifically belonging to Manitoba and the prairies were the central focus of the film which showcases the beautiful and organic gifts mother nature can bestow upon us. The land, in collaboration with the seasons has always signified the cycle of life. For this film, the season of focus is summer which symbolizes youth, life, light, joy, expression and vitality. Abendrot II is an awakening of the senses, a celebration of the land and an ethereal experience. Maarsii.

  • Nritya Sash Studio

Folk Dance of Western Odisha, Sambalpur performed by Saswati S Sahoo and Sonali Das with authentic folk dance steps.

  • RagaMalika



Home Waters: Sophia Grogono is a dancer, choreographer and human from Yellowknife, NWT, Canada. It is her hope that this project stimulates questions surrounding guardianship versus proprietorship of land and water, and that it reminds us to renew our respect for the sacredness and importance of Indigenous cultures, and for all those who carry the knowledge of the Land within them. Written, performed, edited by Sophia Grogono

  • ROOSARA Dance

Giridevi: Southern Country Dance Style of Sri Lanka

  • Introdans

 WEARNHEM (final chapter): The last part in the dance film trilogy created by Jurriën Schobben and Alberto Villanueva. In this part we circle the theme of nature. Its beauty, its force and the role we as humans have in it. How can we stop the climate change we are currently undergoing? Do we do this alone or is a joint effort the only solution?

  • Nirkoda Israeli Dancers

3 Israeli Dances

  • Delicious Dance Academy (DDA)

Bollywood Dance

  • ELITE Chinese Art Troupe

"The Legend of Scent" is a classic Chinese dance which closely revolves around the world intangible cultural heritage treasure agarwood. It is exerted in creation, associating and sublimating. It also uses delicate and affectionate dance language in the dance, so that the work is both classical and modern. The description for the dance in one sentence --Clear windows fly out of fume, calm and elegant Ling Nan style. 

  • Magpie Dance Team, UK

From Me, inspired by Luca Silvestrini's Protein piece Dear Body explores body image and body care. Each dancer was asked to write a letter to their body, drawing on their own feelings and experiences, they have created movement and music to portray their story. 

  • Nova dance

Excerpt from the production Svaha. Choreography: Nova Bhattacharya

  • Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company

Remediaora (Peteneras): We find eloquence, dissonance and interrelationships as we take in the world with all our senses. Choreography: José Maldonado Dancers: José Maldonado, Virginia Castro, Paloma Cortés. Composer: Caroline Planté Guitarists: Caroline Planté, Benjamin Barrile Singers: Manuel Soto, Marcos Marín Lighting Design: Sharon DiGenova.

Springtime in Toronto has always been an important time for our Company. That’s because every May since 1990, we have produced a dance season at the Harbourfront Centre. We miss the excitement of putting a show together due to ongoing lockdowns, and those final, joyful, hectic, collaborative days before the curtain goes up. But just because we’ve been quiet doesn’t mean we have not been busy, APART BUT TOGETHER. ________________________________________ Choreography: Javier Latorre --------------------------------------------------------- Dancers in Order of Appearance: Alison MacDonald Nancy Cardwell Pamela Briz Virginia Castro Durán Esmeralda Enrique --------------------------------------------------------- Esperando El Alba Composed by Benjamin Barrile Performed by: Benjamin Barrile (Guitars) Rosendo “Chendy” León (Percussion) Sergio Di Finizio (Electric Bass) Alison MacDonald (Footwork) Recorded by: Marcus Huyskens & Benjamin Barrile Mastered by: Justin Gray --------------------------------------------------------- Video Editor: Vanessa Guillén Music Editor: Benjamin Barrile

  • and Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre.

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗦𝘂𝘀𝘂𝗿𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗧𝗿𝗲𝗲 is a 60 minutes’ online performance by an award-winning duo, Artistic Director Neo Jenny and Creative Director Benedict Soh. It is an experimental performance working with Chinese Dance that challenges both artistry and technicality of its profession in this contemporary world. Enhanced with multimedia effects and the creative use of space, this piece seeks to open an emotive and sensual communication between people, dance, and our surroundings. “Walking along my usual path, the grass crunching with my footsteps, I pause to rest under the tree. Leaves fall tenderly on me. I look up and experience the tree conspiring with light. It whispers to me, foreseeing my far future insight.”

Watch LIVE on YouTube:

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Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF 2021)- DAY 3

Online | Virtual

  • Nov-14-2021
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Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF 2021) - 3rd Day of the festival will be held on 14th November 2021 @ 7 pm on various social media platforms.

The Third Day of the TIDF 2021 will be held on Sunday 14th November 2021 @ 7pm LIVE via YouTube | Facebook ONLINE.

The main performers of the Day 3 are: 

👉 Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts, 

👉 WHO Creations, 

👉 ARTE FLAMENCO Spanish Dance Company, 

👉 ENSEMBLE TOPAZ Music and Dance of the East, 



👉 The Source Dance Company, 

👉 Srishti- Nina Rajarani Creations,  

👉 Corpuscule Danse,  


👉 Joe-Me Dance, 


👉 Kumudh Dance Studio (Gouri Sharma), 

and 👉 Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater. 

TOGETHER  (3.25 Mins)

A sudden COVID 19 pandemic took lives and changed lives. . . The KCPA dance team created this modern dance to encourage people fighting the pandemic, and salute to the frontline workers. Believe that when we are together, we can be strong to overcome difficulties and hope for the future.

FRAGMENTS ( 6.22 Mins)

Shot using only an iPhone and with the beautiful outdoor scenery of Toronto as our backdrop, these neoclassical dance works illustrate the power of reconnecting and persevering through challenges. “Dust” – an exploration of the release from the confinement and isolation created by the lockdown. “Light” - a one take film, brings us back to a place of happiness as we freely dance outdoors in the sunlight. “Mind” - taking us on a journey into a dejected mind that is weighed down by existential thoughts. Created during the lockdowns in Toronto, these three dance films comprise Fragments; a pensive, introspective and celebratory journey featuring three incredible dancers whose art help inspire us to reunite the pieces of our own fragmented minds.


Interludes of Dance - features 4 dancers. First is Sonia Bibershtein dancing Siguiriyas followed by Jonanathan de la Cruz giving us the image of a bullfighter in the interlude Nacienca, then comes Yurika Hinkle performing a Martinete and the final cut for Interludes a Fandangos de Huelva by Elena la Comadre. All works are traditonal Flamenco and new choreographies set during the time of Covid in 2021. Gelem Gelem and Betrayed Medea are performed as dance theatre pieces by Elena la Comadre. Each piece has a description with artistic comment buit in the video. Both pieces have been created druing late 2020 into 2021 during the height of the pandemic reflecting the dancer's emotions.


Genre of dance: Central Asian Dance (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan)  Number of artists: 4 ; Artists based in Toronto, Hamilton, Vaughan.;  Choreographies by: Mukaramma Turgunbayeva (People's Artist of Uzbekistan), Mashxura Tolibovna (Uzbekistan), Zulfiya Ibrahimova (Azerbaijan) and Paromita Kar . This material has been shot specifically for TIDF 2021. Videos shot in Hamilton and Toronto. 

jour après jour  (5.25 Mins)

“Jour après jour” explores the mundane of everyday life. The piece highlights 18 different artists and their relationship to various ‘everyday’ household objects, including their surroundings. How can we take these everyday things and find new curiosities, new inspiration, and/or purpose? A contemporary dance film created by emerging dance artist Gabrielle Lowe (she/her).


A creative dance work which is a mixture of a traditional Chinese opera and a popular dance, made in Elite Chinese Art Troupe.

LETTING GO  (4.09 Mins)

Inspired by "If you love something, let it go" We all have different paths to follow, even if it means going against what everyone around you wants. Sometimes, being the best support means to let someone go! The Source Dance Company is based in Vancouver, BC Canada under the direction of Joanne Pesusich (Groove Street Productions). For more info on the company: Choreography: Joanne Pesusich Featuring: Justin Lewis, Tori Wakaluk, Jenna Homan and The Source Dance Company.


Srishti Nina Rajarani Dance Creations is a London based dance company that exists to create and present work that maintains the authenticity of Indian classical dance and music whilst presenting these forms in innovative ways and within contemporary contexts. Srishti is led by award-winning choreographer, dancer and teacher Nina Rajarani MBE, winner of The Place Prize, Europe’s largest choreographic competition sponsored by Bloomberg. Nina Rajarani was awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) in 2009, in recognition of her Services to South Asian Dance. Srishti would like to present Srishti Squared at Toronto International Dance Festival. Srishti Squared Srishti Squared is the company’s first digital work, involving ten dancers and musicians. This piece has been created entirely during lockdown, working remotely throughout the process. The dance and music were devised with the artists via Zoom, with recordings made by the artists in their own spaces. The piece has been assembled like a jigsaw puzzle using technology as one of the tools for creativity. This piece has been influenced by the experiences of the pandemic and the effect of lockdown including virus mutations, confinement, resolution and reconciliation, in addition to the before and after. These events have served as stimuli for generating material for each section of the work, without specifically depicting a narration of events. Review “Srishti Squared offers a most complete and satisfying experience for the viewer: compact, multi-layered, visually exciting, tonally rich and performed with verve. The film is an example of what could be referred to as a ‘Covid dividend’- the special circumstances of the lockdown that have provided a spurt to creativity and pushed digital art to new heights.” Sanjeevini Dutta, Editor, Pulse Magazine UK’s Premier magazine for South Asian dance and music The film opens with a luxurious, unhurried circular motif, executed by dancers to the glorious vocals of Y Yadavan, both by the bharatanatyam (Shivaangee Agrawal, Suhani Dhanki and Kirsten Newell) and kathak dancers ( Shyam Dattani, Abirami Eshwar and Saloni Saraf ) moving seamlessly between the two, all in outdoor locations. The harsh tones of a discordant violin (Vijay Venkat) suggest an unease. Soon the screen opens to the percussion instruments in close up, the ghatam with Prathap Ramachandrans’s fingers creating magic and the dancers in cells above conveying crisp lines. The next section with the screen cells, multiplying and filling up all the empty spaces suggests the geometric progression of the coronavirus. The most visually alluring of the sections is the screen with the twenty cells showing the close-up of the dancers’ feet as they strike the jatti, heel, side of foot, ball of the foot. The black-trousered legs with the dash of colour of a kurta create a pure, geometric graphic. The next section, suggesting confinement and the feeling of claustrophobia, is played out within the confines of corridors, where the sides appear to close in on the dancers. The striking visuals are conveyed by taking away the colour and using the minimalism of black and white with only one additional colour: black and white with red; black and white with blue. The dancers are very expressive, finding their individual ways of conveying the feeling of being trapped. The abhinaya section again is beautifully sung by Yadavan to the line ‘I will overcome the mountain-like obstacle’, with each dancer contributing and building the sthai bhava. Lines of text appear on the screen, serving both meaning and the visual design. The last image is of the dancers descending the stairway to the sonorous sweetness of Vijay Venkat’s veena, emerging in the daylight and passing under a gateway, to a new day. Full review is available on:

Toutes les femmes qui habitent en moi  (15.06 Mins)

Toutes les femmes qui habitent en moi : Trois créatrices unissent leurs univers et leur sensibilité dans un court film d’art qui met en lumière ces liens physiques et métaphoriques entre mère et enfant, entre humain et nature. Ces fils invisibles, qui au-delà et à travers nos déchirures, nous relient aux autres et à la terre. Dériver, se laisser porter Ressemer, s'enraciner Construire des villages sur nos corps enterrés Nouer, tisser, tresser nos histoires jusqu’à s'y perdre Y cueillir nos blessures comme un bouquet Une fleur à la fois Danser Se partager S'abandonner Offrir aux grands vents l’écho de nos douleurs et de nos bonheurs Entre les feuillages Entre ici et là Coeur ouvert Paumes tournées vers le ciel Se laisser traverser Et se refaire avant de faner ……….. Idéation - Marie-hélène Bellavance Création - Marie-hélène Bellavance, Ariane Boulet et Andréa de Keijzer Direction photo et caméra - Andréa de Keijzer Direction du geste - Ariane Boulet Interprétation - Marie-hélène Bellavance, Léonore Lavigne et Romane Lavigne Montage: Marie-hélène Bellavance, Ariane Boulet et Andréa de Keijzer Musique: Gabriel Vignola Production - Corpuscule Danse

UDAYAVAR  (20.21 Mins)

‘Udaiyavar’ - is a Tamil verse drama of the great Poet Tiruloka Sitaram (1917-1973), who was a multi-multi-faceted literary personality and considered a metaphysical poet of a high standing in his era. Udaiyavar is a drama set in the post Mahabharata war period that tantalizingly portrays Lord Krishna’s schemy games in the course of achieving the desired objecive for the worldly good. The poem reveals the ultimate truth that all the creatures and creations of the world are created, protected and removed by the Lord as the true owner. It also eloquently advocates the need for disarmament after the war is over. The drama captures the poignant scenes from the epic, that lend themselves to engaging experiments through dance and music. Suprita Trilok, the granddaughter of Tiruloka Sitaram, displayed a passion for Odissi dance from a young age and began her initial training from Guru Nivedita Mukherjee in Mumbai. She moved to Houston,TX in 2009 where she re-started her Odissi training under the able guidance of Guru Shipra Avantica Mehrotra. She is a new immigrant in the GTA and continues to hone her skill in Odissi under Guru Shipra Mehrotra's guidance Lured by the myriad potentials of Udaiyavar as a dance drama, Suprita performed for a selected few lines from the verse drama, ably choreographed by Shipra Mehrotra. The dance captures a few scenes from the drama that provides a visual treat when performed to lyrics set to classical Indian music. A DVD of the performance was released in the birth centenary celebrations of Tiruloka Sitaram at Chennai, India in 2017 and was presented live at Boston and San Francisco in 2019

The wash  (21.25 Mins)

The title, “The Wash” connotes burnt-out exhaustion, brain washing, but also cleansing. My inspiration came from my watching people’s behaviors and movement patterns at the height of the pandemic and observing their anxiety around their identities without their usual daily burdens. I wondered, “Who are we outside of societal pressures and expectations? Do we even know what we like and what we need when left with only ourselves?” The ballet is an exploration of the societal “machine” before the global pandemic versus the push toward self-discovery that the lockdown has engaged us in. Once financial pressures and everyday habits are stripped away, we are pushed to reclaim or recreate who we are.

WE ARENHEM 1 & 2  (6.25 Mins & 7.57 Mins)

The WE ARNHEM films were choreographed and directed by Introdans dancers Alberto Villanueva and Jurriën Schobben. The choreography is also executed by Introdans dancers. Dancers Alberto Villanueva Rodríguez and Jurriën Schobben came to Arnhem for a career with Introdans. They became colleagues and, in addition to Introdans, also embraced the city of Arnhem. Alberto and Jurriën wanted to give something back to the city and for this reason decided to make a choreography and record it on screen. In collaboration with Introdans, Omroep Gelderland, Dirkzwager and Made in Arnhem, they made their first tribute to Arnhem in 2018: WE ARNHEM chapter I. A year later, Alberto and Jurriën created WE ARNHEM chapter II. While Chapter I focused on the historic side and beautiful places of Arnhem, Chapter II is about freedom, reconstruction and resilience of the city of Arnhem. This time with more dancers, at more locations, and with more collaborative processes. With not only string players from Het Gelders Orkest, actress Joy Delima from Oostpool and the sea eagle from Vitesse on the set, but filming was also done in beautiful outdoor locations. Jibbe Willems was commissioned to write "New Future", a text about battle and victory.

RAMKATHA  (8.02 Mins)

Ram Katha !! Dance form: Kathak

VIRUS WOMEN: The Weight  (9.46 Mins)

This work was inspired by isolation during the pandemic- 2020. The work is original and performed by the dancer who created it. The illustrations of every woman helped in the creative process.

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Flamenco Master Class with Esmeralda Enrique


  • Nov-14-2021
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Flamenco Master Class with Esmeralda Enrique: 

This 30-minute Flamenco Master Class offers dancers the possibility of enhancing rhythm, musicality, strength, coordination and creative expression. Flamenco demands a truthful examination of one’s own personality to fully express the sentiments that we find within our being. The dancer begins to discover who they are and how to use these discoveries in their dance.

ESMERALDA ENRIQUE is one of the most celebrated Flamenco dance artists in Canada. She reveals in her work a total mastery and love of the art. Her infinite creativity, energy, passion and spirit over the last thirty-four years have helped make flamenco a vibrant, driving force on the Canadian dance landscape. 

It's a FREE workshop, but Registration required; All the participants will get a completion certificate.

REGISTRATION: No need to fill all the fields which are not applicable to you. Just write your NAME, Phone Number and E-mail address , then SUBMIT. You are done!

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  • Oct-17-2021
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The Second day of the TIDF 2021 will be held  on 17th October 2021 @ 7pm LIVE via YouTube | Facebook ONLINE. 

The main performers of the Day 2 are:  KCPA (Chinese); Teddy Talbot (Tame Dance); Sapna Sehravat; Wunmi Idowu ( woezoafrica); Donna Sternberg (DS Dancers); Gaurav Bhatti (AbheriRoots); Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers; Maida R. Withers; James Joseph (Ballet Soul); Sam Weber; Rebecca Horeth (Saxonia Hall); Gabrielle Martin (Corporeal Imago).


  • Upwards to the Moon (3.58 mins) - KCPA

The dance "Upwards to Moon" is a heart touching love story compiled from Chinese mythology. It described a young girl vanishing the family hate and breaking through the fence for love. The dance uses the Chinese folk story of "Red line from Moon" to symbolize the beauty, nobility and steadfastness of love. To spread the universal value of great love to the audience, guide peace, and create good deeds in a loving world.

  • Ballet "Delirium"(4.35 mins) - Tame Dance

Delirium is a contemporary ballet choreographed by Teddy Talbot, owner and director of TAME Dance Academy in Pembroke Pines, FL. The dancers are 8 intermediate and advanced students who chose to participate in our in-studio filming of our virtual showcase entitled "figmentation" during the pandemic. This piece is entitled "Delirium" and is inspired by the quote; "Life creates itself in delirium, and the rest in undone in ennui." (Emil Coiran) The motif of the entire production is a nightmare, yet oddly far too realistic. It shows the growth of humanity and our ability to adapt in order to survive and thrive. When the protagonists awakes, her realization that her dreams may have a skewed version of realty and that by changing her perspective and remaining hopeful, everything will be ok. "Delirium" is part of her journey. The full length feature can be seen at Lighting design and concept by Carla Iparraguirre.

  • BATTU (9.42 mins) - Sapna Sehravat

Sapna Sehravat graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honours Bachelors in Biology and a Cum Laude honorary designation. She has been studying Bharatanatyam and Odissi for 11 years under the tutelage of Dr. Menaka Thakkar and Smt. Sujata Mohapatra. She has also toured North America and India as part of productions such as Pattano Pradesh, Sitayana and Geeta Govinda. At the Toronto International Dance Festival, she will be presenting 'Battu'- an item from the Odissi repertoire. Battu is danced in honour of Lord Shiva, and depicts the playing of various instruments to complex rhythmic patterns. It was choreographed by Padma Vibhushan Kelucharan Mohapatra. 

  • BOKOKO(4.50 mins) - Woezo Africa

BOKOKO is a dance performance by Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. - an award winning performing arts organization founded in 2006. With the name Woezo Africa, meaning “welcome to the land of perfection,” the organization delights in sharing the uniqueness of the African cultures to the public through dance, music, theatre and storytelling. Woezo Africa strives to preserve Africa's diverse cultural roots by reaching and teaching audiences through quality entertainment and education, engaging the youth in the arts, promoting community interaction and increasing the appreciation of Africa's contributions to modern society.

  • EARTH BODY (14.19 mins) - Donna Sternberg (DS Dancers)

"Earth Body" is a collaboration with immunologist Devavani Chatterjea with an overarching theme of climate change. It looks at the earth as if it were a body, with the disease being climate change, wrecking havoc on the body and eliciting some of the same immunological responses as a human body would when ill.

  • INNATE (6.45 mins) - Gaurav Bhatti  (AbheriRoots)

“Does this limited space evoke limited thoughts in me?” Innate evoked an inner reflection in me, an inner mirror which was cracked once. Seldom did I notice it. My conversations are unheard but somewhere I felt the nature around me does whisper in soft voices reminding me memories of the past. Is it a regret that pours out through me? Is it hope? Is it freedom? Is it uncertainty? Within the archive I am still searching for the voices that are yet to tell me the secret.

  • TARANTELLE DELLE STELLE (14.10 mins) - Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers

Performed by Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers from Thunder Bay sharing their love for Italian culture and tradition through both authentic and adapted styles of Tarantella and Pizzica style Italian folk dancing. Featured in this video are dancers ages 11 – 30+ who are sharing their passion for dancing and live performance after being apart for so many months. The 5 dances are all very different from one another, but they come together to highlight various elements of Italian festivals and culture including: vibrant colours, celebration, passion, tradition, and friendship. This is, Tarantelle delle Stelle (Tarantella of the stars).

  • Dance Portraits 2021 (14.42 mins) - Maida R. Withers

This film by Maida Withers, choreographer, and Robin Bell, filmmaker, captures a portrait of young dancers, alone on screen for one minute, in Spring 2021 when COVID-19 was slowing down in the United States but dancers were still having feelings from extreme changes in life and dance during the past year. Music was composed for each one-minute dance by Steve Hilmy. The film concludes with dancers performing together borrowing gestures and feelings from each other's dance portraits.

  • OTHALLO 21 (22.10 mins) - Ballet Soul

Artistic Director Ben Love gives Shakespeare's brutal and gripping tragedy the Ballet Soul treatment in this edgy and evocative reimagining, with a dazzling original score by British jazz legend Julian Joseph. The film transports us to modern Britain, where high flying media man Othello is taking London by storm. He is a passionate and powerful African man, married to the love of his life - Desdemona.​In a dream he is left a blood red scarf by the spirit of his mother. A token of his past and a symbol of his love, their present and future, Othello gives the scarf to Desdemona. A decision that may come back to haunt him.​

  • IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT (4.26 mins)- Sam Weber

A tap dance improvisation to "In The Still Of The Night," played by the Oscar Peterson trio.

  • HETLINGER WORKSHOP (10.44 mins) - Rebecca Horeth (Saxonia Hall)

The Saxonia Dancers are a Transylvanian Saxon and German folk dance group from Aylmer, Ontario, formed in 1971. They are demonstrating and teaching the TIDF audience their physically-distanced version of the Hetlinger Bandriter. This dance is performed by many Transylvanian Saxon folk dance groups in Germany, Austria, Romania, Canada, and the USA; each group has slight variations on the original steps and patterns, but the dance can be performed all together when the groups gather at festivals. The Hetlinger Bandriter has origins in the Hetlingen region of northern Germany, a marshy region where many reeds grow and where basket weaving was a common craft. So, much of the footwork in this dance, as well as the patterns done by partners, is reminiscent of weaving with steps like the grape vine or crossing a foot in front of or behind the other. This workshop allows participants to learn the dance steps and try the routine at home, with or without a partner.

  • LIMB(E)S (36.40 mins)- Gabrielle Martin - Corporeal Imago (CI)

Limb(e)s is a contemporary aerial-dance performance that explores the liminal space between holding onto or letting go of another. Suspended in this limbo, Gabrielle Martin and Jeremiah Hughes deliver a “quietly riveting” performance that unfolds to the haunting original music of composer Nicolas Bernier. Their dystopian landscape of burnt haze and rope limbs is brought to life by lighting designer Sophie Tang and cinematographer Jessica Han. The result is a hypnotic, destabilizing narrative full of mourning, distant hope, and eerie beauty.

Meanwhile please LIKE our Facebook Pages: TIDF CANADA | DANCING DAMSELS and Subscribe our Youtube Channel: TIDF CANADA

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Summer Outdoor Series

  • Nov-10-2020
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The TIDF Summer Series is an outdoor dance festival where artists can either perform a 10-minute piece of their dance work and/or engage the audience with a break-out dance session. TIDF aims to make this not only an artistic festival but also a social and cultural event.

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Fall | Indoor | Concert

  • Nov-04-2020
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The Fall Indoor Concert is set to enthrall audiences with world dance forms in a glittering show. It is open only for professional level artists and dance companies who wish to showcase their new or original works. The maximum duration for a full-length piece is 15-20 minutes. 

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