TIDF 2023 | WORKSHOPS (2 Days)


  • Nov-11-2023
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Registrations will  start only in September

Toronto International Dance Festival 2023 - Dance Workshops (in person)

In November / December . More info will be announced later.

Stay tuned.

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  • Nov-19-2023
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Submissions  CLOSED.

Toronto International Dance Festival - Indoor Fall 2023 - Day 1 will be held on Sunday 19th November,2023 at Chinese Cultural Centre (5183 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1B 5Z5).

DAY 1:

Hip-hop; Latin, Ballroom; Social Dances; and  Folk Dances 

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  • Nov-26-2023
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Submissions deadline: CLOSED

Toronto International Dance Festival - Indoor Fall 2023  Second Day - will be held on Sunday 26th November,2023 at Chinese Cultural Centre (5183 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1B 5Z5).

DAY 2:

Classical; ballet; Modern;  Traditional and   Contemporary Dances

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  • Oct-23-2022
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PROGRAM SCHEDULE: (Starts at sharp 6 pm )

1.Karen Flamenco

Karen Flamenco is an acclaimed collaborative and established flamenco dance company; a leader in the creation, production and education of flamenco dance in Vancouver. Traditional and innovative, this company’s unique style and approach has expanded the mysterious world of flamenco to a wider audience with their collaboration of theatre and dance. They have made a valuable contribution to the development and culture of flamenco dance in Canada.

Karen Flamenco will be performing the Cogia Coles: Festive traditional dance forms from Spain.

2.Nupura School of Music & Dance

Nupura aims at introducing traditional South Indian culture to the student with a hope that the beauty, grace and wisdom embodied in it will become an integral part of his/her life, whatever his/her dreams and aspirations may be. South Indian classical music and dance, carrying with them generations of wisdom aging back to antiquity, becomes the chief medium of creating awareness in students. Nupura seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of this rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the students through a focus on the classical arts, with their attendant legends, rituals, mythology, and philosophy to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values.

Nupura school of music and dance will be demonstrating a classical fusion performance combining the south Asian dance forms Bharatnatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kuchupudi. Bharatnatyam which originates from Tamilnadu, Mohiniyattam from Kerala and Kuchupudi from Andra Pradesh. Each of these forms have a distinctly unique style and execution of body movements which you will be able to clearly observe throughout the performance. It is the specialty of contrasting elements of these dance-forms working in unison according the music and rhythm which distributes its diverse and unique quality. This is a composition solely created to demonstrate the dance element of each art form. The Choreographer of this dance is Gayathri Devi Vijayakumar.

3.Nirkoda Israeli Dancers of Toronto

Nirkoda Israeli Dancers is a Toronto based dance troupe that celebrates Israeli and Jewish cultures through dance performance. Nirkoda performs a wide repertoire of traditional and contemporary Israeli and Jewish dances. The blend of old and new dances makes for stimulating and memorable performances. Since 2001, Nirkoda has represented the Jewish community of Toronto in numerous multi-cultural festivals and events in Toronto, Canada, North America and beyond. All members of Nirkoda are trained dancers that are united by their love of dance and their commitment to their Jewish heritage. The group is directed by Ronit Eizenman who is also its principal choreographer, and is supported by Congregation Darchei Noam. Performing tonight: Sara Gladstone, Gaby Heymann, Maya Kafri, Marsha Moshinsky, Dalila Rubin, Claudia Spector, Cheryl Wunch.

"This classic Israeli Dance performance was created to a soundtrack of 5 popular Israeli songs expressing the optimism of modern life in Israel. The lyrics describe images of Israeli landscape and scenes everyday life. The music is upbeat and full of youthful energy.

The dancers are combining traditional dance techniques with contemporary dance styles. Their movements reflect the excitement and enthusiasm in returning to stage performances after the pandemic.

Hakol Patu’ach in Hebrew means ‘everything is possible!’

Please give a warm welcome to Nirkoda Israeli Dancers in Hakol Patu’ach!

4.Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization

The Mississauga Chinese Arts Organization (MCAO) is a non-profit performing arts organization based in the city of Mississauga and dedicated to the presentation and production of a full spectrum of Chinese performing arts events for the City of Mississauga and the surrounding areas. It is also committed to providing opportunities for community members to practice and develop their artistic skills through various training and performing programs. 

MCAO will be performing "Beautiful Scenery" is a classical group dance. This is not a traditional classical dance that stresses just on the gentle and graceful femininity. Instead, the dance moves show strength, energy and determination towards a more contemporary style, such as throwing and flipping of the fan, the swift turns etc. Dance music is a famous traditional GuZheng music called “The fisherman’s Song at Dusk” with a contemporary arrangement. The dance begins with the moon rising above the sea, then the layers of the waves turn into flowers. As groups of dancers show casing different spirit and movements, it’s like different scenery appear in front of you. With the colorful traditional costumes and fan, make each scene even more spectacular. At the end as each dancer maneuver the fan behind their back, make one think layers of waves roll on the shore.

5. Vivarta Center for Performing Arts (Jayeeta Banerjee)

Jayeeta Banerjee is an acclaimed Bharatnattyam practitioner in the world of Indian classical dance. She is a disciple of Guru Dr. Thankamani Kutty and has also trained under Guru Sharmila Biswas. A recipient of several awards, scholarships and titles, including National Nrutya Bhusan Samman , Pt Jasraj National Scholarship for Bharatanatyam and IWD Rising star award for Performing arts by Dancing Damsels, Toronto. Jayeeta has devoted her life to dance and to achieving excellence at her art. She has gained wide acclaim and recognition from the press and audience for her performances in India, US, UEA, Singapore and Canada. Presently, Jayeeta is the artistic director of Vivarta Center for Performing Arts, Toronto which is her institution dedicated to research and learning of Bharatnattyam. 

"This composition is based on a popular Annamacharya sankeertana, a 15th century poet, -”Atavari guri toura” and choreographed exploring traditional puppetry dance theatre . The dancer explains the relationship between God and humans as the Puppeteer and the Puppets. The Divine Puppeteer

Choreography - Guru Sharmila Biswas

Music composition - Sathiraju Venumadhav"

6.The Toronto Thai Dramatic Arts Troupe

We are Tdot Tdat – The Toronto Thai Dramatic Arts Troupe, and we are committed to preserving and presenting traditional Thai dance. Our mission is to perfect Thai classical dance for the world to enjoy our authentic performances.

The Cymbals Dance (Thai: Rabam Ching) is named for the small cymbals (ching) used by the dancers. Cymbals are ancient musical instruments used not only in Thailand, but also in India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, and around the world. The iconic sound of the small cymbal is a quintessential accompaniment to classical Thai dance performances. The Cymbal Dance is the only traditional Thai dance to place the cymbals in the hands of the dancers. Tdot Tdat performers are painstakingly sewn into ornate classical dance costumes and regalia, embodying mythical deities descended from Mount Meru. They use the sound of the cymbals to impart blessings of health, happiness, and good fortune. The long tassels attached to the cymbals accentuate the slow and elegant choreography.

7.Suprita Trilok & Priya Bangal

Suprita Trilok and Priya Bangal are a duo specializing in Odissi, a classical Dance style from Eastern India. Drawn to the grace and lyricism of the Odissi form, Suprita and Priya bring over a decade of combined performance experience to their debut as a duet. Priya and Suprita are trained extensively in Odissi with majority of that training being with the same master teacher, Shipra Avantica Mehrotra, currently based in Massachusetts in the USA. This has helped them achieve a heightened awareness of each other’s personal movement language, artistic choices and aesthetic values, some of which have co-evolved during their training with Ms. Mehrotra. As solo performers, they have performed widely in India and North America and are excited for their debut as a duo at TIDF.

“Pallavi” literally means blossoming. The melody and dance develop slowly and 'blossom' together into an exciting interplay of rhythm, virtuosic footwork and the effusive lyricism intrinsic to the Odissi form. This pallavi is composed to the raaga (melodic scale) called “Shankarabharanam” and is considered a treasure handed down by the master choreographer the late Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, one of the architects of the Odissi form. The joyous melody delineated by classic choreography from the Odissi idiom has made it an enduring classic that is widely taught, practiced and performed all over the world. The traditional choreography has been reworked for a duet by master Odissi artiste Shipra Avantica Menrotra based in the USA. Priya and Suprita are thrilled to have a chance to dance this timeless number at their debut as a duo at TIDF 2022.

8.AJ Style Cine Dance Company

AJ Ajay Joshua is a dancer, choreographer and instructor specializing in Tamil Movie Dance Choreography. He has the distinction of dancing with popular Actors Prabhu Deva, Movie Choreographers Sridhar Master & Baba Baskar Master. He has participated in the Reality Dance Show called Jodi No 1, which was hosted by one of India's popular Television Channel Vijay TV and proudly won the Second Place in the year 2018. In addition, he has won awards in many other reality shows hosted by Doordarshan Television Channel and the popular Zee Tamil TV. He is currently teaching Cine Style Dance Classes for kids of all ages in the City of Scarborough, Town of Ajax and City of Brampton. Recently his students won the Title in the Canadian Dance Competition Kutties Aadalaama for 2022, under his choreography. He also won the prestigious Award for Best Choreographer in the same show.

AJ Cine Dance will be performing a free style dance dedicating to the Toronto International Dance Festival. Our theme is love which will include two different South Asian Movie style dance - western and folk.

9.Toronto Kathakali School

Rajish Ramankutty Nair, Founder and Director of Toronto Kathakali School is an internationally acclaimed Kathakali dancer born to Dr. Kalamandalam Ramankutty (a renowned Kathakali Artist) and Rajani Ramankutty on 16th October in Kerala, Southern part of India. He got proficiency under veteran gurus including his father. He has represented India at various international dance festivals in Italy, Greece, Libya, Russia, Thailand, Columbia and so on. Apart from Kathakali, he has also learnt and performed Semi-classical, Contemporary dance, Bollywood dance, Western dance and Hip-hop on various stages. Rajish founded Toronto Kathakali School in 2022 to showcase and preserve Kathakali on an international level and help people understand and learn the importance of this art form.

Kathakali is the traditional classical dance drama of India which is the most explicit, passionate, dynamic and colorful. This highly stylized dance drama is unique and a polestar among the galaxy of the Indian classical dance forms which is increasingly becoming an internationally popular art form without a close parallel in any other tradition in the world because of its aesthetic qualities and spiritual contents. Toronto Kathakali School will be showcasing a dance piece called "Purappadu" which is also called an Introductory Invocation. Here the dancer interprets their ideas and emotions through highly stylized medium of gestures, picturesque hand poses and vivid facial expressions. The various hand gestures are supported by related and expressive movements of the body and the eyes.

10.Ensemble Topaz

Ensemble Topaz is a Toronto and Hamilton-based dance and music company dedicated to the performance traditions from Central Asia and South Asia, including from Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India and Pakistan. Led by their choreographer Paromita Kar (PhD, Dance Studies), Ensemble Topaz is the recipient of numerous grants from the Ontario Arts Council for under both Dance and Music Categories and has performed widely across North America and has also been featured in a number of international music videos.

Ensemble Topaz is pleased to present a suite of dances from Tajikistan in Central Asia. They begin with a traditional piece choreographed by Paromita Kar, followed by a choreography by Ustoz Mirzo Satorov (Choreographer of the Zebo Ensemble of Tajikistan), and finally ending with a high energy dance piece.

11.Gouri Kundu

Gouri Kundu is a promising Kathak dancer. She was introduced to Kathak Dance, one of the eight classical dances of India, from the tender age of five years under the guidance of Guru Smt. Sreelekha Mukherjee. She is now under the tutelage of Kathak exponent and Guru Dr. Malabika Mitra for the past 15 years. Being a diligent student, she has imbibed the essence of both ‘Lucknow’ and ‘Jaipur’ Gharanas of Kathak. The vigor of Jaipur and the soft delicacy of Lucknow are immaculately blended in her performance. She has performed in various dance festivals in India. She has also won the state-level Kathak competition in India and received many other recognitions.

Mothers are our greatest gifts. There is nothing sweeter than a mother's love. She goes out of her way to protect her children from evil. A mother's fortitude is incredible. Yet she is grace personified. A mother is the incarnation of Goddess Durga -- the powerful warrior goddess, the protector of peace and prosperity, the Divine nurturer. Her form is fierce but, at the same time, she is loving and compassionate. Gouri’s dance will be a worship of the Divine goddess in a mother. She will depict the Divine Mother’s power and love through traditional Kathak, one of India's eight classical dance forms, characterized by graceful movements, sharp pirouettes, scintillating footwork, and expressive storytelling.

12.Kamengo Culture Troupe

The Kamengo Cultural Troupe is visiting Canada from Kamengo, Uganda and they are five amazing and talented drummers and dancers.

The Kamengo Cultural Troupe plays drums, sings and perform various dances of East Africa.

13.Groupo Folklorico Tonatiuh

“Tonatiuh Mexican Dance group" is been around since 2002 but inn 2013 Luz Adriana the Dance director start with classes for kids, Her goal with the children group has been to promote and transmit the knowledge of her Mexican Culture and traditions through dance and events making sure the kids feel proud about their roots. Now the group has a kids group, teenagers , adults beginners and adults professional group now in 2022 2 more professional instructors are add to Tonatiuh Carlos Islas and Alejandra Arochi bringing into the group their professional experience as a teachers in Mexico city.

Presenting dances from the state of "Nayarit" s located a few minutes north of Puerto Vallarta .the music of Nayarit has many elements in common with the traditional music of Jalisco, like the Son and jarabe's are common. The Jarabe Nayarita, which is performed by a mariachi lineup made up of guitarrón, violin, guitar and vihuela is a combination of different sons where the men's demonstrate their skills dancing with machetes .

14.Sakura Performers

“SAKURA Performers” is a group of artists and performers, which includes singers, dancers, percussionists, painters, photographers and art directors. Their purpose is to promote Indian Folk and Bollywood Dances. Team SAKURA has been performing in GTA since 2019. So far they have performed in many prestigious events organized by “Panorama India Group”, “Taste of India”, “India Pavillon”, “Oshawa Senior Community Centre 55+”, “GTA Ladies Haldi kum kum Group” and ”Guyanese Community”.

"Team SAKURA is presenting their highly appreciated creation “Karma - an Indian folk dance, from the state of Chhattisgarh”. Karma is a dance form which is performed to please the god of “Karma” known as “Karam Devata” and to transcend the karma for fortune and wellbeing. It’s a tribal form of dance where men are dressed in pagadi and kurtas, with pea hen feathers on head and sea shells’ ornaments around the neck and body. Females wear knee length or dhoti pattern sarees with coin necklaces called “sikka” and snake pattern arm lets called “Nagmori”. They too wear pea hen feathers in hair.

The act is directed and choreographed by “Umesh Anavkar”. The act will be performed with live singing. It will be sung by “Surya Naik” and will be performed by “Kanchan Khaladkar”,”Niddhi Agrawal”,”Umesh Anavkar”,”Preeti Dhende”,”Apurva Joshi”. “Anu Agrawal” and “Siladitya Das” will be providing a back stage support."

15.Dantitude Dance

Dantitude is one of the largest and most popular entertainment organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. Since it was founded in 2014, it has been trusted and loved by over 1500 registered clients with ages from 3 to 55 years old. With 2 studio locations in North York and Markham. Dantitude is continually expanding and developing alongside its passionate and professional team. Dantitude’s programs encompass a wide spectrum, most notably: open dance classes, modeling courses, and live performances. It is dedicated to provide students a positive learning environment and exceptional experience for our clients that will last a lifetime.

“We dance with attitude”. Our team is devoted to pop culture and we are good at Jazz, Urban, and Kpop remix. At the 2022 Toronto International Dance Festival, we want to show the Kpop dance and our enthusiasm for dancing. The dance is about a remix of an iconic K-pop Song. The remix performance represents the classic and the most popular songs from K-pop culture. Our team wants to show the audience what K-pop is through their iconic music and dance remix.

16. Roosara Dance

Nilantha Karunarathna is a graduate from the University of Visual and Preforming Arts in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He was also the Principal dancer at the State Dance ensemble for many years before he started his dancing career in Canada. Nilantha started learning dancing at the age of six. This talented individual began his journey under the guidance of his Guru, Suranga Chandrasiri after which, he learnt and mastered under the world renowned dancing Guru, Ravibandu Vidyapathi. Nilantha is a versatile and a gifted dancer, who finds gratification by teaching and sharing his skills with his students. He prides in not only teaching students from his own community but also from other diverse communities irrespective of their language and culture which is truly what Canadian culture is all about. Nilantha was awarded the best dancer in all-Island competition for excellence in Kandyan Dance on five occasions; he was also given the best Actor at the Sri Lankan National Ballet Festival in 2006 just to mention a few of his achievements. Roosara Dance was founded by Nilantha Karunarathna in 2009 and is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and education of Sri Lankan culture through the ongoing development of Sri Lankan Traditional dance, Indian Classical dance and creative and innovative style of contemporary dance. Initially based in Toronto, Roosara dance company has expanded to Ottawa, Ontario in the recent years. Roosara Dance providing an excellent opportunity for many Sri Lankan students in Ottawa to learn exemplary traditional, innovative dance from the exemplary Artistic Director or Chroreographer. The vision of Roosara dance is to maintain the highest level of excellence of dance, to train future generations of dancers, and build local, national and international community support for classical and contemporary Sri Lankan dance styles.

The name of this dance production will be Salamba (anklet). This dance is going to be a fusion of Kandyan and Southern country dance style. We will use heavy, rhythmic drumming incorporated with masculine dance moves as well as feminine. The drumming will go hand in hand with the traditional dance songs. Kandyan dance: Kandyan dance also known as Udarata natum in Sinhala encompasses various dance forms popular and native to the area called Kandy of the Central Hills region known as Udarata in Sri Lanka, which have today spread to other parts of the country. It is an example of Sinhalese culture in Sri Lanka. Pahatherata: The Sri Lankan Low Country dance tradition is particularly important as a special performance dance tradition. The tradition was based on many special Shanti Karma methods due to the association of special faiths and belief systems, and the fusion with Asian cultures. There are three unique styles of this dance tradition depicting the three low country regions, Matara Bentara and Raigama. These dance styles have their own rituals, hand movements, singing styles and traditional decor. It exhibits clear identity characteristics in terms of decoration and theater configuration.The Matara style is spread around the cities and towns of Galle, Matara, and Hambantota, where as the Bentara style is spread in Bentara and Ambalangoda, and the Raigam style is spread around Olaboduwa, Horana and pokunuwita.

17.SG Expressions

SG Expressions is a performing Arts Company. we have been actively participating and performing all over GTA.

Traditional Tamil Kummi Dance.kummi yadi Kumm iadi kurava yittu dance is a popular folk dance of TamilNadu. Danced mostly by women in circle. simple with rhythmic clapping or beating of the drums. It is performed during the Harvest Festival Times. Kummi means dance with clapping of Hands

18.Mayura Creations

Mayura Creations is a passionate team of seasoned and budding, enthusiastic dancers of all age groups. The focus of this team is on the quality of the program delivered and we always come up with very innovative concepts and deliver unconventional themes in order to stand out from the crowd. Their goal is to ensure they do justice to the concepts undertaken through our song selection, choreography, costumes, and professional showcasing on the stage. 

Mayura Creations will be performing "Let’s celebrate DIWALI – The festival of LIGHTS!" A glowing performance to mark the eve of Diwali 2022 using colorful images of the neon lights. Witness the magic created by various types of LED lights and luminescent materials. This act of lights will be a visual feast for one and all. Get ready to see the victory of the forces of light over the forces of darkness.

19.Starz Dance Academy

To provide students with comprehensive and superior dance training while educating them in what it means to be an athlete, a leader, a student, an artist, and a teammate.

Starz Dance Academy will be performing a specialized choreography called "The Beast Mode".

20.Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble ANIP VEZ

The newly-founded Folk Dance and Song Ensemble "ANIP-VEZ" is currently the youngest Serbian Folk Dance ensemble in North America. It was founded in 2020 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The ensemble is made up of several different age groups. There are three children's ensembles, the 2nd ensemble and the 1st performing ensemble. Each member, depending on their age, talent or previous experience, becomes a member of a certain group. Based on their age, effort and experience, dancers progress to higher ensembles or participate in two ensembles. Our goal is to preserve Serbian folklore, songs and dances, as well as the culture, tradition and custom of Serbs from Serbia, the region and the former Yugoslav Republics.

Dancing tradition in Serbia is represented by various styles of dances in the country. As with other aspects of Serbian culture, different forms of dances originated in different parts of Serbia, developed according to the local traditions and also acquired elements from other parts of the country. Serbian folk dancing, kolo ("circle [dance]"), includes many varieties. Anip Vez will perform dances from Sumadija and dances from Leskovac region.

21.Elite Chinese Arts Troupe

Elite Chinese Arts Troupe (ECAT) was established in 2019 dedicated to the new generation of performing art. The team is full of young, passionate artists based in Toronto who are diligent in promoting art and creating quality visual experiences. These artists are eager to contribute to their community by infusing Chinese art and culture into a diverse span of regions.

Classical dance will reminds audiences of the wonderful night of the museum. A group of Tang San Cai maid figurines woke up in middle of night and slowly stretched herself. The memory of the rich, confident and magnificent historical features of the Tang Dynasty was demonstrated little by little, and the mottled colors gradually reappeared, from sculpture to resurrection.

22.DDA Canada

Delicious Dance Academy (DDA Canada) is a Bollywood dance academy started in 2018 with an intention of teaching dance lessons to Kids and Adults, in Mississauga. Since inception, DDA Canada has been performing for various prestigious events in and around Canada. DDA Canada is run by Twin brother, Linto & Lijo, where they bring 15+ years of dance expertise in teaching, choreography and entertainment. With an experience in performing with Bollywood Celebrities, like Diya Mirza, Mourni Roy and Aarti Chabria, the twin brothers are truly setting the stage on fire. DDA Canada also proved its worth in Fashion show choreography when it partnered with Mr & Mrs Telugu Canada event. DDA Canada has taught more than 250 students and been part of 70 events. DDA Canada has its studio classes for all age categories in Mississauga and London, along with Online dance classes.

DDA Canada is presenting the colorful and energetic dance form of Bollywood, which is loved by people around the world. This performance will send across the message that music has no boundaries.

Now it's SHOW TIME! 

World Dance Forms- All on one Stage! (Watch more than 30 Dance Styles at a time by 22 Dance Companies!)

Toronto International Dance Festival (Indoor Event)

on Sunday, 23 October 2022 @ 6 PM

@ Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto  (95183 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1B 5Z5)

It's FREE!


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  • Oct-22-2022
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October 22 Saturday 11 am to 1 pm

@ Dance Studio - Chinese Cultural Centre ( 5183 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1B 5Z5)

Instructor: Arshiya Bhan is an Artist & Entrepreneur

 She is the founder of UMSRA, a brand with a mission to raise the conscious of humanity using performing arts, Wellness & Spirituality as the 3 elements. 

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  • Oct-22-2022
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October 22 Saturday   6.30 pm - 7.30 pm


Dantitude Dance & Entertainment Inc.

Unit 217-218, 3447 Kennedy Rd Toronto ON


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Bhangra and Bollywood Mashup.


  • Oct-22-2022
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Type : Bhangra and Bollywood Mashup.

Timings : 11:00 AM EST to 1:00 PM EST.

Date: Oct 22nd  

Day : Saturday

Studio Location: 4259 Sherwoodtowne Blvd Unit 1, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1Y5

Landmark : Near Anjappar / Square One , Downtown Mississauga.

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TIDF 2022: WORKSHOPS |OCT17-22 |


  • Sep-08-2022
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TIDF will be offering FREE online and in-person dance and movement workshops led by professional dance choreographers and instructors during TIDF 2022.

Come join us and feel the rhythm!

4 Days!

October 17 - October 22

Time for Online sessions and the Place for the in-person sessions will be informed later.

Duration: 30 Mins - 1 Hr

Those who REGISTER here will get a certificate of completion.It's FREE!






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Summer Outdoor Series

  • Nov-10-2020
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The TIDF Summer Series is an outdoor dance festival where artists can either perform a 10-minute piece of their dance work and/or engage the audience with a break-out dance session. TIDF aims to make this not only an artistic festival but also a social and cultural event.

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